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Rolfe L Hillman III ( - )

Richard E. Killiblane's new book, They Were the Rough Riders McFarland, 2022), is an outstanding addition to anyone's "Spanish-American War" library. It contains extensive personal details on the officers and enlisted men of the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment "The Rough Riders." It also comments of course on "Teddy" Roosevelt. The book touches on the other American Vth Corps units that went up San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill including the 9th INF/LT Ira C. Welborn (USMA1898 - CMH). Killiblane is a retired combat veteran officer and now professional historian. For 9th INF folks, he contributed an article to the MANCHU website- "The Yakima Wars" which discussed the 9th INF Regt's actions in the Pacific Northwest fighting Indian tribes before the Civil War.

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