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History of the Ninth U.S. Infantry, 1799-1909, By Fred Radford Brown - 

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Phillippine-American War -

1899-1902 - by Arnaldo Dumindin [click here]

“C” Company/9th U.S. Infantry Regiment - September 1901 Balangiga, Samar Massacre


A History Of The Ninth Infantry

The Ninth Infantry in the World War [click here]
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Contribution to the Manchu Association, Ninth Infantry, Toulon Troyon - We are pleased to offer a copy of this manuscript on our website, compiled by Rolfe Hillman III. Ninth Infantry, Toulon Troyon. A copy of the manuscript can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking these links: Ninth Infantry, Toulon Troyon- 1

Heading for Action
The U.S. 9th Infantry Prepares for Battle

By R.L. Hillman, III


Two Days of Hell 
18-19 July 1918 Battle of Soissons


Action Against Enemy Report, Ninth Infantry  

The Unknown X Platoon -

July of 1944, after the invasion of Normandy - The Unknown X-Platoon of the Ninth Infantry Regiment in WWII, by Al Castillo 2015, with reuse here with Al's permission. This is a PDF document he wrote and which is available for your review and reading enjoyment.

Not too many people have heard of the X-Platoons or the important role they played in winning the war during World War Two. In fact most military historians have never heard or know what the X-Platoons were. This was not some scientific experiment from a comic book, but ordinary men who were called to do their duty and did it proudly. The X-Platoons were Platoons consisting of all African Americans whom were attached to several different Army Divisions in World War Two.

Korean War -

TO VIEW 9th Infantry Regiment Historical and Command Records

Casualty List - 9th Infantry

1950-1951-1952-1953 MEDALS LIST - 9th Infantry



Just Cause Up Close -

A Light Infantryman's View of LIC [click to read PDF file]
by Steven N. Collins


9th Infantry Regiment Commanders - List Only

9th Infantry Regiment Commanders - Photos


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